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Theme I: Achieving and Understanding the Burning Plasma State

Theme II: Creating Predictable High-Performance Steady-State Plasmas

Theme III: Taming the Plasma Material Interface

Theme IV: Harnessing Fusion Power

  1. D-D Power Plants: the ultimate fusion goal by John Sheffield, Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment
  2. Component Test Facilities will be needed by John Sheffield, Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment
  3. Research Thrusts Made Possible by a Fusion Development Facility (exec summ) by R.D. Stambaugh, V.S. Chan, A.M. Garofalo, J.P. Smith and C.P.C. Wong, General Atomics
  4. Synergistic Effects of Radiation Damage and Plasma-Material Interactions by Scott Hsu, Xianzhu Tang, Yongqiang Wang, LANL and George Tynan, UCSD Revised
  5. Fusion Materials Qualification with a Spallation Neutron Source Facility by Stuart Maloy and Eric Pitcher, Los Alamos National Lab
  6. Irradiating Fusion Materials in the Proposed LANL Materials Test Station, Eric Pitcher and Stuart Maloy, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  7. Material characterization in a 1015 neutron cm-2s-1 flux using light source X-rays, M.A.M. Bourke, D.J. Rej, R.D. Fulton, J.L. Sarrao
  8. Theory-Based Models and Simulations of Materials for Fusion, Marius Stan, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  9. Atomic-Scale Design of Structural Materials for Fusion Environments, A. Misra, R.G. Hoagland and M. Nastasi (LANL); M.J. Demkowicz (MIT), Collaborators: S.A. Maloy, T.C. Germann, Y.Q. Wang, X.Y. Liu, B.P. Uberuaga, A.F. Voter (LANL)
  10. Need for Online Adjustment/Control of Tritium Bred in Blanket, L. El-Guebaly, University of Wisconsin and S. Malang, Consultant, Germany
  11. A Materials  Evaluation D-T Neutron Source Based on an Axisymmetric Gas Dynamic Trap Magnetic Mirror, by the Mirror Study Group, Chairman: T.C. Simonen
  12. Identification of key MHD thermofluid issues and associated R&D for the next generation liquid blankets, by Sergey Smolentsev
  13. Requirements for a Confinement Device with a Goal to Develop Tritium Breeding Blanket Modules, Based on FESAC Fusion Development Path Plan, by Rob Goldston, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  14. An Energy Sustainment Science Mission, by D. Whyte
  15. Development of a high fluence fusion neutron source and component test facility based on the magneto-kinetic compression of FRCs, by John Slough
  16. 3D Magnetic Fields in  Fusion Device Design: Toward Improved Reliability and Maintainability submitted by the National Stellarator Coordinating Committee
  17. Research Thrust to Establish Predictive Simulation Capability for Fusion Nuclear Science, by S. Diem, D. Batchelor, V. Chan, A. Garofalo, Y.K. Peng, D. Spong and A. Sontag
  18. Limiting the Divertor Heat Flux to Enable Fusion Nuclear Science Research at Low-A, by J.M. Canik, A. Sontag, M. Cole (ORNL),  M. Kotchenreuther, P. Valanju (UT Austin)
  19. Research Thrust on Plasma Startup & Ramp-up to Enable Fusion Nuclear Science Research at Low-A, by A. Sontag, J. Caughman, S. Diem, R. Fonck, A. Garofalo, R. Raman, A. Redd, V. Shevchenko, ORNL
  20. US Fusion DEMO Assessment by C.P.C. Wong, C. C. Baker, and S. L. Milora
  21. Off-Normal Events in a Fusion Development Facility by E. J. Strait, J.C. Wesley, M. J. Schaffer, and M. A. Van Zeeland
  22. Research Thrusts Made Possible by a Fusion Development Facility (7.8 Mb) by R. D. Stambaugh, V. S. Chan, et al
  23. Closing the Fusion Fuel Cycle by C. P. C. Wong, R. D. Stambaugh, M. Sawan
  24. Making Electricity and Hydrogen - the FDF Port Test Blanket Module Program by R. Stambaugh, C. P. C. Wong, and V. S. Chan
  25. Materials Science Research in FDF by R.D. Stambaugh, C. P. C. Wong, A. P. Leonard, and V. S. Chan
  26. Establishing Integrated Management Strategy for Activated Materials, by L. El-Guebaly
  27. Integrated Multi-physics Simulation of Nuclear Components as an Essential Element in Developing Predictive Capabilities for DEMO, by A. Ying, M. Abdou, S. Smolentsev, R. Munipalli, D. Youchison, P. Wilson, M. Sawan
  28. Fusion Burn Control with Isotopic Fueling , L.R. Baylor (ORNL)
  29. Major Materials Issues for DEMO, by R.J. Kurtz (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) and G.R. Odette (UC Santa Barbara)
  30. Fusion Nuclear Science Research Thrust and the Required Full Fusion Nuclear Environment, by M. Peng, M. Cole, B. Patton, G. Yoder, K. Korash, T. Burgess, Y. Katoh, J. Wagner, A. Sontag, J. Canik, S. Diem (ORNL); R.D. Stambaugh, V.S. Chan, C.P.C. Wong (GA); S. Kaye (PPPL)
  31. Future Plasma Facing Components (PFCs) & In-vessel Components (IVCs): Strengthened Sustained and Integrated Approach for Modeling and Testing HHFCs, by Richard E. Nygren, Sandia National Laboratories
  32. In-vessel Engineering Instrumentation for Future Fusion Devices, by Richard E. Nygren, Sandia National Laboratories
  33. An Integrated Design for Demo-FPP to Achieve RAMI Goals, by Lester M. Waganer
  34. Interfacing Fusion Materials Development and Component Design, S. Sharafat (UCLA) and G.R. Odette (UCSB)
  35. Extreme Thermo-mechanical Challenges In Developing Fusion Power Reactor Materials and Structures, by G.R. Odette (UCSB) and S. Sharafat (UCLA)
  36. Capitalizing on the ITER Opportunity – an ITER-TBM Experimental Thrust, by Neil B. Morley, Mohamed Abdou, Alice Ying (UCLA); Mohamed Sawan, Jake Blanchard (UW); Clement Wong (GA); Brad J. Merrill, Pattrick Calderoni (INL)
  37. Power Extraction Research Thrust Using a Full Fusion Nuclear Environment, by G. L. Yoder, Jr., Y.K.M. Peng, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  38. Safety Research Thrust Using A Full Fusion Nuclear Environment, by Kofi Korash, Brad Patton and Martin Peng, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  39. Fuel Cycle Research Thrust Using a Full Fusion Nuclear Environment, by Brad Patton, Grady Yoder, Martin Peng and Kofi Korsah, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  40. RAMI Research Thrust Using a Full Fusion Nuclear Environment, by Tom Burgess, Martin Peng, Mike Cole, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  41. Research Thrust on Magnets to Enable Low Aspect Ratio, by Mike Cole, Martin Peng, Brad Nelson, Tom Burgess
  42. Fusion Operating Experience Data Collection at Present and in the Future, by L. Cadwallader, INL Fusion Safety Program
  43. The Real Mission of ITER, by G.A. Wurden, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  44. Reactor considerations for Compact Toroids, by T.P. Intrator, Los Alamos National Laboratory; T. Jarboe, University of Washington; and R.L. Miller, Decysive Systems Feb 27, 2009
  45. Radio frequency sustainment and current drive for Compact Tori, by T.P. Intrator LANL, R.P Majeski PPPL Feb 27, 2009
  46. The Need for a Fusion Science Integration Experiment in the US, by R.J. Buttery Feb 27, 2009
  47. Impact of Tritium Breeding on Design Implications to Withstand Disruptions and Runaway Electrons, by L. El-Guebaly and R. Raffray
  48. Radiation Transport Modeling & Simulation for a Full Fusion Nuclear Environment, by John Wagner, Martin Peng, Mohamed Sawan, Paul Wilson and Alice Ying Mar 3, 2009
  49. Need for High Tritium Burn-up Fraction in Plasma to Relax Tritium Breeding Requirement for Demo and Fusion Power Plants, by L. El-Guebaly Mar 11, 2009
  50. Triple Ion-Beam Radiation Materials User Facility: A Facility Upgrade of National Importance, by G. Bench and M.J. Fluss, LLNL Mar 17, 2009

Theme V: Optimizing the Magnetic Configuration