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Theme I: Achieving and Understanding the Burning Plasma State

Theme II: Creating Predictable High-Performance Steady-State Plasmas

Theme III: Taming the Plasma Material Interface

  1. Research Thrusts Made Possible by a Fusion Development Facility (exec summ) by R.D. Stambaugh, V.S. Chan, A.M. Garofalo, J.P. Smith and C.P.C. Wong, General Atomics
  2. Synergistic Effects of Radiation Damage and Plasma-Material Interactions by Scott Hsu, Xianzhu Tang, Yongqiang Wang, LANL and George Tynan, UCSD Revised
  3. Management of dust in fusion devices, Charles H. Skinner, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  4. ICRF-Edge and Surface Interactions, by D.A. D'Ippolito and J.R. Myra, Lodestar Research Corporation
  5. Thrust for Enhancing Modeling & Predictive Computations for Plasma/Material Interactions,  J.N. Brooks (Purdue University), J.P. Allain (Purdue University), T.D. Rognlien (LLNL)
  6. Evaluating gaps in fusion energy research using Technology Readiness Levels, by Mark Tillack, UC San Diego, Center for Energy Research
  7. Integrated Edge-Plasma and Plasma-Wall Interaction Research, by the DOE Edge Coordinating Committee
  8. Towards building a credible vision for a DEMO-class fusion reactor: Addressing the 'Knowledge Gaps' and 'Show-Stoppers' in Edge Plasma Transport, by B. LaBombard, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
  9. Thrust for Enhancing Modeling and Simulation of Plasma Instabilities/Surface Interactions with innovative mitigation techniques, by A. Hassanein, V. Sizyuk, G. Mikoshevsky, S. Harilal, and T. Sizyuk, Purdue University
  10. Liquid Metal Plasma-Facing Components, by Dick Majeski (PPPL), Jean Paul Allain (Purdue University), Hantao Ji (PPPL), Neil Morley (UCLA), Mark Nornberg (PPPL), and David Ruzic (University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign)
  11. Development and qualification of innovative advanced refractory alloys for steady-state burning plasma-wall interface materials, by J.P. Allain, Purdue University
  12. Research Thrust for Reliable Plasma Heating and Current Drive using ICRF, by J.B.O. Caughman, D.A. Rasmussen, L.A. Berry, R.H. Goulding, D.L. Hillis, P.M. Ryan, and L. Snead (ORNL), R.I. Pinkster (General Atomics), J.C. Hosea and J.R. Wilson (PPPL)
  13. The Role of a Long-Pulse, High-Heat-Flux, Hot-Walls Confinement Experiment in the Study of Plasma-Wall Interactions for CTF and Demo, by Rob Goldston, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  14. The Role of Long-Pulse, High-Heat-Flux, Hot-Walls Confinement Experiment in the Development of Plasma Facing Components for CTF and Demo, by Rob Goldston, PPPL and Russ Doerner, UCSD
  15. PWI Gaps vs. Tools: General Requirements on the Tools, by the PWI  Panel
  16. An Energy Sustainment Science Mission, by D. Whyte
  17. Taming the Plasma Material Interface, RF Antennas, Launching Structures, and Other Internal Components by Richard W. Callis, General Atomics
  18. The Problem of RF Launchers in a DEMO Environment and Requirements to Address them by J.R. Wilson, R.J. Goldston and J.C. Hosea, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  19. Research Thrust to Address Major Measurement Gaps, by Dr. W.A. Peeble, UCLA and Dr. Jim Irby, MIT
  20. Severe divertor issues on next step devices, and validating the Super-X divertor as a promising solution, by M. Kotschenreuther (UT), S. M. Mahajan (UT), P. Valanju (UT), J. Canik (ORNL), A. Garafalo (GA), B. Labombard (MIT), R. Maingi (ORNL)
  21. RF Launchers that Survive in the Fusion Reactor Environment, by R. J. Temkin, M. A. Shapiro and J. R. Sirigiri, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center and C.P. Moeller, General Atomics Revised
  22. Simulating the Demo Edge Plasma in a Compact High Heat Flux Experiment, by J. Canik, R. Maingi (ORNL), R. Goldston, J. Menard (PPPL)
  23. The Case for Helium-Cooled Refractory PFCs, by Dennis Youchison, Sandia  National Laboratories
  24. The process of identifying the physics controlling PWI is significantly incomplete, preventing reliable scaling of PWI results to future devices, by Peter Stangeby, GA
  25. Diagnostic investments required to identify missing physics controlling PWI, by Peter Stangeby, GA
  26. Carbon as a flow-through, consumable PFC material, by Peter Stangeby, GA
  27. FDF: PWI issues and research opportunities, by Peter Stangeby, GA
  28. Duplicate
  29. BW-Surface for CTF and DEMO by C.P.C. Wong et al
  30. Off-Normal Events in a Fusion Development Facility by E. J. Strait, J.C. Wesley, M. J. Schaffer, and M. A. Van Zeeland
  31. A Fusion Development Facility to Test Divertor and PFC Solutions for DEMO by A. W. Leonard, et al
  32. Research Thrusts Made Possible by a Fusion Development Facility (7.8 Mb) by R. D. Stambaugh, V. S. Chan, et al
  33. Innonvative divertor development to solve the plasma heat-flux problem, by T. Rognlien, D. Ryutov, M. Makowski, V. Soukhanovski, M. Umansky, R. Cohen, D. Hill and I. Joseph (LLNL)
  34. Plasma Facing Component Test Facilities, by Dennis Youchison, Sandia National Laboratories
  35. Development and Validation of a Boundary Plasma Model, by A. Leonard, S. Allen, T. Petrie and P. Stangeby
  36. Fundamental science of the synergy of multi-species interactions in a high plasma-heat-flux environment, by P.S. Krstic, F.W. Meyer, Y.K. Peng, D.L. Hillis, L.R. Baylor, R.H. Goulding, J.H. Harris
  37. Research Thrust to Address PMI Knowledge Gaps for DEMO, by L. R. Baylor, J. M. Canik, J. B. O. Caughman, S. Diem, R. H. Goulding, D. L. Hillis, P. S. Krstic, F. W. Meyer, and Y. K.- M. Peng (ORNL)
  38. Prediction of PFC plasma fluxes by improved edge/scrape-off-layer simulations, by T. Rognlien, LLNL
  39. Future Plasma Facing Components (PFCs) & In-vessel Components (IVCs): Strengthened Sustained and Integrated Approach for Modeling and Testing HHFCs, by Richard E. Nygren, Sandia National Laboratories
  40. In-vessel Engineering Instrumentation for Future Fusion Devices, by Richard E. Nygren, Sandia National Laboratories
  41. Taming the Plasma-Material Interface and an Energy Sustainment Mission, by D. Whyte
  42. Capitalizing on the ITER Opportunity – an ITER-TBM Experimental Thrust, by Neil B. Morley, Mohamed Abdou, Alice Ying (UCLA); Mohamed Sawan, Jake Blanchard (UW); Clement Wong (GA); Brad J. Merrill, Pattrick Calderoni (INL)
  43. Divertor Plans and Research Options in FDF, A. Garofalo, et al
  44. Physics and engineeering research needs for 3D coil systems for a tokamak DEMO, by J. Menard, J.-K. Park (PPPL), S. Sabbagh (Columbia University)
  45. The Real Mission of ITER, by G.A. Wurden, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  46. The Need for a Fusion Science Integration Experiment in the US, by R.J. Buttery Feb 27, 2009
  47. Impact of Tritium Breeding on Design Implications to Withstand Disruptions and Runaway Electrons, by L. El-Guebaly and R. Raffray Feb 27, 2009

Theme IV: Harnessing Fusion Power

Theme V: Optimizing the Magnetic Configuration