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For information about ReNeW, its Theme activities, or to volunteer please contact one of our leaders. Everyone listed on this page is a member of the ReNeW Executive Committee. Thank-you for your interest in ReNeW!

ReNeW Executive Leadership

Richard HazeltineChairUTexas rdh at
Dave HillVice ChairLLNL hilldn at
Hutch NeilsonAt Large MemberPPPL hneilson at
Al OpdenakerCoordinatorDOE albert.opdenaker at

Achieving and Understanding the Burning Plasma State

Jim Van DamChairUTexas vandam at
Mickey WadeVice ChairGA mickey.wade at
John MandrekasOFES ChampionDOE john.mandrekas at

Creating Predictable High-Performance Steady-State Plasmas

Amanda HubbardChairMIT hubbard at
Chuck GreenfieldVice ChairGA chuck.greenfield at
Mark FosterOFES ChampionDOE mark.foster at

Taming the Plasma Material Interface

Mike UlricksonChairSandia maulric at
Rajesh MaingiVice ChairORNL maingir at
Rostom DagazianOFES ChampionDOE rostom.dagazian at

Harnessing Fusion Power

Wayne MeierChairLLNL meier5 at
Rene RaffrayVice ChairUCSD raffray at
Barry SullivanOFES ChampionDOE barry.sullivan at

Optimizing the Magnetic Configuration

John SarffChairUWisc jssarff at
Mike ZarnstorffVice ChairPPPL mzarnstorff at
Sam BarishOFES ChampionDOE sam.barish at