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Topical GroupLeaderInstitution (ldr)Deputy LeaderInstitution (dep)Year
Confinement and TransportNathan HowardMITDavid HatchTexas2022
DiagnosticsCalvin DomierUC DavisKshitish BaradaUCLA2022
Integrated ScenariosDevon BattagliaPPPLAlessandro MarinoniMIT2022
MHD, Macroscopic Plasma PhysicsNate FerraroPPPLNik LoganLLNL2022
Modeling and SimulationSterling SmithGAIlon JosephLLNL2022
Energetic ParticlesCami CollinsORNLAaron BaderWisconsin2021
Fusion Engineering ScienceMasa ShimadaINLArnold LumsdaineORNL2021
Operations and ControlDan BoyerPPPLMichael BongardWisconsin2021
Pedestal and Divertor/SOLJerry HughesMITAne Lasa EsquisabelU. Tennessee Knoxville2021
Plasma-Wave InteractionsCornwall LauORNLDavid SmitheTech-X2021

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