FESAC Subcommittee on Workforce Development

FINAL REPORT: June 22, 2014
FES: Workforce Development Needs

This website supports the FESAC Subcommittee on Workforce Development.

FESAC Subcommittee on Workforce Development, led by Hantao Ji, PPPL (Chair) and Ed Thomas, Jr., Auburn University (Vice Chair).

FES Contacts at DOE: Sam Barish and Sean Finnegan.

Members of the subcommittee are listed here.

June 16th FESAC Meeting (teleconference) Agenda (includes a report of the Workforce Development subcommittee).

Panel Documents

Request for Input

We are conducting a survey of departments and institutions involved in FES research. If your group did not receive one, you may download it here.

Other input to the panel is welcomed from any member of the community, including comments, concerns, and recommendations regarding workforce development and future workforce needs. This may be in the form of emails or brief White Papers, which will be posted on this site. Please send input, and completed surveys, by May 5, to the Chair and Vice-Chair (links above).

Community Input Received

Reference Documents

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