FESAC Subcommittee on Future Facilities

This website supports the FESAC Subcommittee on Future Facilities formed to address the DOE Office of Science charge on future scientific facilities. Members of the subcommittee are listed here.


From the charge letter from Dr. Brinkman, Director, Office of Science, DOE:

“Goal Statement: Prioritization of scientific facilities to ensure optimal benefit from Federal investments. By September 30, 2013, formulate a 10-year prioritization of scientific facilities across the Office of Science based on (1) the ability of the facility to contribute to world-leading science, (2) readiness of the facility construction, and (3) an estimated construction and operations cost of the facility.”


“The information developed [in Step 1 of the charge] by the DOE/SC Associate Directors will be used by the DOE/SC as the basis for engagement with the DOE/SC Federal Advisory Committees and other to seek advice and input on new and upgraded scientific facilities necessary to position the DOE/SC at the forefront of scientific discovery. The Federal Advisory Committees will seek additional outside input as necessary. In particular, for programs that have a significant existing or potential user base outside of the DOE/SC, the Federal Advisory Committees will be encouraged to seek input from the broader scientific community and existing facility user committees.”

Final Report

The Final Report submitted to DOE Office of Science

Submitted White Papers

White papers received by the FESAC subcommittee are available here.

Call for White Papers

The FESAC Subcommittee formed to address the DOE Office of Science charge on proposed scientific user facilities invites community input in the form of short, directed white papers. The final report for this charge must be delivered to DOE by March 22, 2013. This leaves little time for the Subcommittee to do its work and report to FESAC. Hence the

Instructions for preparing white papers.

If you have any questions please contact John Sarff, subcommittee Chair ( jssarff[at]wisc.edu ) or Don Rej, subcommittee Vice Chair ( drej[at]lanl.gov ).

Documents Pertaining to the Call for White Papers

       Four facilities and upgrades proposed by DOE Fusion Energy Sciences (Step 1 of charge):

Previous Reports and Planning Documents

A number of prior reports and planning documents are likely to be useful as reference material in preparing white papers. These documents are available on the DOE-FES website:

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